Rotex Automatic Tensioning Screener
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Rotex Automatic Tensioning Screener
Smart Solutions for Dry Separation

Features and Benefits:

High Quality Product
  • Gyratory-linear reciprocating motion rapidly distributes, Stratifies, and separates material.
  • Large stroke, slow speed motion keeps the screener from breaking up friable materials.
  • Mesh balls keep the screen clean, resulting in unequaled screening performance.
  • Continuous seals are incorporated between all section of the machine, prventing cross contamination in product fractions.

Long-Lasting Equipment
  • Heavy-duty, all metal construction designed to withstand harsh enviroments caused by the separation of abrasive materials.
  • Screener components made of aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel.

Trouble-Free Service
  • Quick-snap tension clips allow for repid screen removal and screen changes.
  • Conunterbalanced drive allows for year of smooth, quiest operation.
  • Screeners can be floor mounted or cable suspended.

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